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St Lucia South African News
The latest news from Richards Bay Accommodation.

fresh.jpg Let's get back to basics and look at the difference between features and benefits.  Most first-time marketers and small business owners don't know the difference and focus a lot of attention on money-stealing features instead of money-growing benefits.  So what's the difference?

A Feature is about Your Product

Features talk about your product.  For example, a feature of a car might be that it's blue and has a v6 engine.  A feature of a laptop is that it has 1Ghz CPU and 512Mb of RAM.

Features don't sell products, they just talk about the finer details and most people don't care about features unless they're experienced in buying the specific type of product you're trying to sell.

A Benefit is about Your Client

Benefits talk about what the product will do for you and how it will save you money or make you richer.

For example, a v6 engine sounds powerful and goes fast.  "Sounds powerful and goes fast" are your benefits and they make people really understand why they should by your product.

As another example, a blue car will spend less time in the car-wash than a white car and, if it's a snazzy metallic blue, it will make you look cool and fresh.

Benefits tell people what results they can get from using your products.  They explain how people will feel when using your product or the time they'll save from buying from you instead of buying from your competitors.

How to turn Features into Benefits
Loggerhead turtle December 03 2007

To watch a turtle laying its eggs or watch baby turtles hatching is a mystical thing. It is now the beginning of turtle season at Wilderness Safari's Rocktail Bay Lodge in the northern reaches of the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park.

Every year, hundreds of loggerhead and leatherback turtles complete their breeding cycle and emerge from the Indian Ocean to lay their eggs on this stretch of coastline.

This has been documented for nearly 40 years by what is now KwaZulu Natal Wildlife. Hatching turtles were tagged (as they still are) and miraculously, decades later, the same turtles return to the identical spot to lay their own eggs.

SilentManager, the UK based ‘Fantasy Sports Game Specialists’ is to embark on bringing Fantasy Sports Games to South Africa. SilentManager, who work with brands such as Vodafone, Wheels24, EA SPORTS, MSN, and Manchester United, to name but a few, are to collaborate with Cape Town based Bright Idea Projects on bringing this simple but highly affective marketing tool to South Africa. SilentManager works with brands, media partners and clubs and associations to use Fantasy Sports Games as strategic marketing campaigns based around virtually any sporting genre. The games can be delivered across both online and mobile platforms and work effortlessly to give clients brand exposure, an increase in website traffic, generate brand loyalty, build and maintain an online community, create an association with sport as well as enabling clients to build a light hearted relationship with their target audience and gather data on them. The game also works as a platform to speak to them through about any new product or services that they want to promote.
Fractional ownership - the new buzz word in property - has made a successful and fast-growing entry into the South Africa market, following the recent worldwide trend.
Fractional ownership allows investors to become part-owners of a vacation home and enjoy between 3 and 12 weeks of home ownership privileges per year at a luxury resort, at a fraction of the cost of whole ownership.

"Although the term fractional ownership is relatively new, the concept of sharing a vacation home with family or friends has been common practise in South Africa for many years" say Brian Singer, CEO of the Singer Group. "Fractional ownership schemes formalise the relationship between all the part-owners of a property and regularise the usage rights and other benefits attached to ownership".
St Lucia Estuary has a new kid on the block in the form of a hefty young female hippo that has been showing her face in the northern Zululand coastal resort over the past month and has become a new attraction in the area.

At the same time the conservation authorities have cautioned the public and visitors not to provoke the animal, said to be about three or four years old.

Honesty Sells! Who Knew?

A lie often feels better than the truth.  That is particularly true when you run your own small-business and things aren't going right.  It's just so much easier to make something up than to admit that you made a mistake.

Big corporations have big names to hide behind.  When they lie to the world about their great service and wonderful products, people will still buy from them because they know the brand.  It's almost as if we think to ourselves, "they are too big to let me down".

Oftentimes, big companies will project the image of being able to handle a lot more than they really can.  They don't really care what you think of them because, most times, you can't live without them.  So you buy their products.
ON 1 May the Wetland Authority is taking over the management of the St Lucia beach front. This includes the undertaking of extensive repairs and ensuring appropriate service levels.

At Cape Vidal, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife have committed to undertaking the required repairs and maintenance to ensure that the day visitor facilities will be in a proper working order - this includes taps, showers and toilet cisterns.
The water issues at Cape Vidal are related to the rather erratic municipal supply to St Lucia town and the southern section of the Wetland Park experienced during December 2006. The Park is currently installing an auxiliary water system for emergencies in future.
Parking areas are also being rehabilitated by Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife following the heavy December rains.

St Lucia Eastern Shores field visit in south africa

Chairman: Bhangazi Trust - Ephraim Mfeka, Director of Park Operations: Wetland Park Authority - Herbert Mthembu, CEO: Wetland Park Authority - Andrew Zaloumis and Mayor of Mtubatuba - Chris Swartz

ABOUT 60 local business owners, tourism stakeholders and community leaders joined the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park Authority on a field visit to experience the Park’s exciting new visitor infrastructure currently being constructed on the Eastern Shores.
The purpose of the visit was to enable tourism stakeholders to get first hand experience of what is being built in order to provide accurate information to their clients and the operators with whom they work; to provide input on how the tourism offering on the Eastern Shores can be further improved; and to meet Wetland Authority staff.
These developments will substantially enhance the day visitor options to the Park and thereby add value to their stay in the area.
They are also creating jobs for communities living in and around the Park.

Game drives
Included in the developments are two new game drive loop roads enabling visitors to experience the full range of ecosystems in this part of the Wetland Park - one high up on the dunes giving sea and lake views; the other meandering along pan edges and coastal forests.
The sites for five new viewpoints along the game drive roads, a lake view picnic site at Catalina Bay and at the Mission Rocks viewpoint, a new hide at Mfabeni Pan, and a view road to Kudu Pan were experienced first hand.
The Mission Rocks road is also being substantially upgraded.

Andrew Zaloumis, CEO of the Wetland Authority said they were delighted with the interest and participation of the St Lucia businesses and community leaders.
‘We look forward to ongoing input from tourism stakeholders on how the offering on the Eastern Shores can be enhanced.
‘The new game drives will be completed in time for the Easter season, and the new hides and picnic sites by mid year,’ he concluded.
Local leadership included Mtubatuba Mayor - Chris Swart, Efraim Mfeka - Chairman of the Bhangazi Community Trust, Induna Phillip Mkhwanazi.
Mtubatuba’s new Municipal Manager - Dr Michael Ntombela, who recently started with the municipality also joined the trip on his first visit to the Park.

Source:  Zululand Observer

St Lucia Fisherman's paradice South Africa

A host of anglers flocked to the St Lucia Estuary over the weekend, following much publicity about the estuary’s linkage with the ocean last week. After been closed off from the sea for about five years, curious onlookers and tourists gathered on Saturday to get a closer view of the significant breaching of the estuary mouth
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